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Make Things That Make Things: #procjam 2014

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I’m thrilled to announce that I’m going to participate in the upcoming procedural game jam called #procjam. #procjam is a global game jam and a live-streamed conference in London focused on making things that make things. You can keep up to date by following the jam tumblr There’s already a handy list of procedural generation tutorials available on the tumblug.

In addition to submitting one or two projects I’ve been working on, I’d like to cover the content of the talks with perspective and reactions, and to check out the contest entries after it’s finished like I did for Space Is Red from #spacecowboyjam.

Needless to say this will be a month-long endeavor, what with my weekly (ish) blogging schedule. With one or two posts focused on submissions, I think four blog posts may be conservative, so I’ll keep writing as long as I’m interested.

To make it easier to follow along, I’ll tag up all the posts with the procjam category and I’ll try to do the same for the tweet announcements, even if it’s out of style because the jam was weeks ago. That’s how committed I am to making this happen.

If you get the sense that I’m trying to psych myself up for this, I am.

The next couple of months will be very busy in my life. I’ll be traveling and attending conferences, activities that have traditionally consumed my precious blogging time like so many Frito pies.

I may be setting the bar high, but if anything the purpose for aiming high is success. All too often I hear about jams in the middle when everyone is tweeting out cool prototypes and in the thick of design, or I’ll hear about a jam when the contest is long over because someone pointed out that the winning entry was amazing. Through dumb luck and exquisite taste in following @mtrc on twitter, I heard about this gamejam with enough lead time to mark it on my calendar.

Even if I don’t produce anything interesting or important, by gum, I’m going to participate in and cover this gamejam. I’m not going to let another really cool gamejam slip under the radar.