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Creator Questions

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Taking inspiration from Allison Parrish’s talk: Programming is Forgetting: Toward a New Hacker Ethic, here’s my version of Parrish’s new hacker ethic for creators:

Creator Questions

  • Who gets to use what I make? Who am I leaving out? How does what I make facilitate or hinder access?
  • What assets am I using? Whose labor produced them and what biases and assumptions are built in? What do the assets leave out?
  • What systems of authority am I enacting through what I make? What systems of support do I rely on? How does what I make support other people?
  • What kind of community am I assuming? What community do I invite through what I make? How are my personal values reflected in what I make?

Watch Allison Parrish’s talk for more background on why these sorts of updates are critical for shaping a more welcoming community.